We are reimagining the glass façade and changing the role of glass from a filling element to an independent system of enclosing structure. With Aestech’s frameless systems, you have no limitations in choosing architectural solutions.

Aesthetic glazing technologies

Challenges solved by Aestech

Low level of optical distortions, up to their visual absence

Using frameless glass units from Aestech in facade glazing significantly reduces the level of optical distortions compared to conventional glass units.

The absence of visible elements of metal structures

You get additional square meters for sale or rent by freeing the space inside from deep aluminum profiles and spider brackets. Our system is flat outside and flat inside.

Increased level of heat and sound insulation

The level of sound and thermal insulation in the frameless facade glazing system using insulated glass units of higher stiffness is at least 20% higher than traditional constructions with conventional glass units due to the absence of continuous metal tube structures such as aluminum pillars.

Increased seismic resistance

The increased seismic resistance of the frameless facade glazing system using insulated glass units with higher stiffness is achieved due to the fixation of the glass units only on two sides.

Higher bearing capacity

The bearing capacity is much higher than that of conventional double-glazed windows.

Connecting glass unit to glass unit or to surface on any angle

You can attach connecting elements directly to the pultrusion profile integrated into the spacer frame of the insulated glass unit.

Glazing technology without visible internal and external structures, allows you to implement any design solution.

Aestech. New opportunities to implement any architectural solution in the aesthetics of individual buildings and entire cities.