What is Architectural Photography ?

What is Architectural Photography ?

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Katy Harris has been with Foster + Partners for over 30 years, she is a Senior Partner, Head of Communications BA (Hons) Communication Design.

From the early days of commissioning photography to overseeing an in house team of photographers and videographers visually communicating the work of the practice has been essential. In Katy's words :

'Architectural photography is a means to capture the personality of a building or a space and to elicit emotions in the viewer. Using light, whether natural or artificial, can completely change the character of a building. It is also a vital medium for architects to promote their work and communicate how buildings work for their occupants and how they respond to their context and communities.'

Katy has been a long time supporter of the Architectural Photography Awards and an Anchor Judge for 6 years.

Foster + Partners has a huge photo collection. Needless to say they have many I could have chosen, here I've selected just five images taken for the practice that make me want to #look4longer which means, for me, they initially have 'kerb appeal' they do their job of attracting me. Then I want to go deeper, I want to know what is going on, I want to know more. Surely the purpose of any images submitted for awards.

Lynne Bryant

Le Dome Winery, Bordeaux, France ©Nigel Young/Foster + Partners

Quartermile development ©Nigel Young/Foster + Partners

Datong Art Museum ©Yang Chaoying

Apple Marina Bay, Singapore ©Finbarr Fallon

Crossrail Place Canary Wharf ©Nigel Young/Foster + Partners

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Looking at a still photograph is proactive. You decide to look and for how long, to linger and explore the image or walk away. All too often even still images are flashed in front of us momentarily reducing our involvement to a passive onlooker. We are in danger of accepting bad and mediocre imagery as normal, we are looking but not seeing. Photographs of architecture capture more than a building, they create a legacy in time and place.

Lynne Bryant
Founder: The Architectural Photography Awards / archphotoawards.com

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