Rafiq Azam
Rafiq Azam
Principal Architect and Owner
SHATOTTO architecture for green living

Professor Rafiq Azam was born on December 29, 1963, in Dhaka, Bangladesh and lived with his family in Lalbagh for most of his youth. He then went on to graduate from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 1989 and started his architectural practice, “SHATOTTO architecture for green living”, in May 1995. Professor Rafiq Azam is an internationally acclaimed architect from Bangladesh who has been practicing and developing his remarkable style of green architecture for the last 3 decades. His architecture is a harmonious fusion of tradition, nature, and mysticism, including tiny elements of nature to adorn his buildings with poetic beauty. A “House” to him is not just an abode for humans, but a nest for butterflies and birds as well. Rafiq Azam’s mastery of light, shadow, water, and air is influenced by such mysticisms as cited by Lalon and Tagore. His green architecture is not a mere mechanism of energy saving - rather it is an inspiring process of energy gaining.

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