Peter W. Ferretto
Peter W. Ferretto

Peter W. Ferretto is an Architect, Associate Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Founding Director of the Condition_Lab. Design, Research and Teaching are all integral to his architectural position, vis-à-vis helping communities through design.

He was born in Manchester (UK), grew up in Como (I) and lived in several European cities including Madrid, London, Basel and Paris. Since 2009 he has lived in Asia, first in Seoul and now in Hong Kong. He has written several books about cities, architecture and design. In tandem with his academic research, over the last 20 years, he gained considerable professional experience working for several International architectural practices, including Herzog & de Meuron Architects before establishing 2009 his own firm, PWFERRETTO.

Condition_Lab is a Design Research Laboratory based within the School of Architecture at CUHK. Established in 2018, its primary focus is to improve people’s lives through design. The Lab’s research revolves around designing socially responsible architectural prototypes. By working hand-in-hand with local partners on real sites, we aim to develop projects that foster a better sense of community. Our philosophy revolves around the paradox embedded into the word “condition”, as a noun it refers to a context, a circumstance, or a situation, while as a verb it implies change - to condition something based on an original state.

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