Mahdi Kamboozia
Mahdi Kamboozia
Founder- CEO-Principle Architect and Designer
CAAT Studio

Mahdi Kamboozia established CAAT Studio (Kamboozia Architecture and Design Studio) in 2015. The main concern of CAAT Studio is the variety of project topics and providing creative solutions for them. CAAT Studio Team always believes that innovative design is independent of the economic and cultural situation and social relations of users and the location of the site and even the scale of the project, so CAAT Studio designs cover the whole spectrum of society on a micro to macro scale. CAAT studio is always looking to upgrade and create new typologies appropriate to today's uses, and His goal is to design creative spaces that can be tailored to the changes in human social relationships that happen at high speed and he can take a step in optimizing these spaces without considering the materials, economic cost, location, climate, etc. "which means that the architecture belongs to everyone" and he think this is his distinctive point.

The opinion is that future architecture is not only about the advancement of design and construction technology but also about proposing ideas tailored to the new conditions in social relations. Each assignment defines a different narrative which shows there are varying answers to each task. Some projects allocate to social concerns, some cultural; some focus on relations between users and the projects, and others may have a scenario on spaces and their connections or introducing a new usage. CAAT Studio on future generations, their needs, relations, and potentials, and according to each assignment’s usage and aspect, come up with a creative solution.

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