WAF's Sustainability Mission

Minimising the environmental impact of World Architecture Festival is important to us. As part of our commitment to a more sustainable future, we are taking a variety of practical steps to reduce and offset our carbon emissions and we encourage our event partners to do the same.

Below are some of the measures we are implementing at the festival to reduce waste and energy consumption which include:

  • Working in partnership with venues, suppliers, exhibitors, and delegates to reduce waste and emissions where possible.
  • The Festival Programme and daily updates are only available via the event app, rather than printed materials
  • Exhibitors are being encouraged to minimise handouts and display information digitally on their virtual booth via the WAF event app
  • Exhibition stands – we are encouraging exhibitors to consider the materials being used for building their stands with aim to make these reusable or sustainable
  • Tote bags will not be provided on arrival, instead we will encourage attendees to bring their own
  • We are asking exhibitors to carefully consider what they distribute, and the materials used to produce these items
  • Water fountains will be located throughout the event space and on the Grohe stand - we encourage attendees to bring their own reusable water bottles
  • We are reducing the use of single use plastics wherever possible

Carbon Calculator

Post event we will calculate our event carbon footprint by using the BP Event Carbon Calculator. Results will then be reviewed to reduce our impact in the future.

For further information click here.

Offsetting Carbon

This year, for every ticket purchased, WAF will plant a tree using the more trees initiative, to reduce our carbon output and become a more sustainable brand.