The Futureglass Prize

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The Futureglass Prize will award the project that best demonstrates new ways in which glass and glass technology has been deployed. 

How do I enter?

WAF's special prizes are awarded to projects who enter into the main WAF awards. Entrants do not have to pay any additional fees to be considered for the prizes. Simply tick the relevant box on the entry form when submitting and increase your chances of winning at WAF!

All finalists will go on to compete at the live-judging at WAF in Singapore. The overall winner will be revealed at the Gala Dinner on the final day.

The winner of the 2023 Future Glass Prize has now been revealed! See who took the crown below.

    About Aestech

    Aesthetic glazing technologies. We are rethinking the double glass facade and change the role of the glass from a filling element of the construction to an independent construction system. With Aestech frameless glass systems you have no limits in architect solutions.

    Over the past 15 years, our engineers have developed technologies that allow you to implement the most daring glass-based architectural ideas. Over 100 implemented projects.

    Our glazing technology overcomes the complete dependence on aluminum in construction. When removing metal from a facade or terrace, you:

    • Help to improve the ecological situation since aluminum production is very energy-intensive and creates emissions of harmful gases and dust
    • Save on the purchase, processing, and installation of profiles
    • Save on utility bills because the facade without metal is much more energy efficient
    • Speed up the installation of a facade

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    The Futureglass Prize 2023 winner

    55 Pitt Street by Woods Bagot and SHoP Architects

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    The Futureglass Prize 2023 shortlist

    The Futureglass Prize 2023 shortlist

    The Dockside Resort & Marina by Architects’ Studio

    585 Kendall by CBT

    Wuxi Taihu Bay International Cultural Arts Center by Perkins Eastman/Pfeiffer Studio

    Fisher and Paykel Global Headquarters by RTA Studio

    55 Pitt Street by Woods Bagot and SHoP Architects

    The Forest by Sanjay Puri Architects

    Taikoo Green Ribbon by ARUP

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