Royal Fine Art Commission Trust International Building Beauty Prize

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This award will be presented to a building which ‘raises the spirits.’ Finalists will be chosen from projects from within the completed building categories.

How do I enter?

WAF's special prizes are awarded to projects who enter into the main WAF awards. Entrants do not have to pay any additional fees to be considered for the prizes. Simply tick the relevant box on the entry form when submitting and increase your chances of winning at WAF!

All finalists will go on to compete at the live-judging at WAF in Singapore, each prize will have a panel of three expert judges. The overall winner for each prize will then be revealed at the Gala Dinner on the final day.

The 2023 International Building Beauty Prize winner has now been revealed.

The winner of Royal Fine Art Commission Trust UK Building Beauty Awards, which takes place later in the year, will also be added to the overall shortlist.

    International Building Beauty Prize Winner 2023

    International Building Beauty Prize Shortlist 2023

    Oman Across Ages Museum by COX Architecture

    Turrell Pavilion by Studio MK27

    Casa Ward by Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect

    CAPITASPRING by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group and CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati

    Entegra offices in Barcelona by Batlleiroig Arquitectura

    Angsila Oyster Scaffolding Pavilion by CHAT Architects

    The Mosque of Light by Dabbagh Architects

    Bayside by Allies and Morrison

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